CAPS Connects Us User Guidelines

Welcome to CAPS Connects Us. To ensure that all CAPS Connects Us community members feel comfortable, we ask that you follow a few simple user guidelines when participating in CAPS Connects Us.

Your E-mail Address

You must submit a working e-mail address to register and participate in CAPS Connects Us. It will not be accessible to other community members and will not be shared without your permission (please see Novartis Privacy Policy). CAPS Connects Us reserves the right to revoke access to participants using a false e-mail address.

Your Story

Your story is important to CAPS Connects Us. Out of respect for the community, and in order to comply with our requirements, we ask that you please

  • Limit your story to 3000 characters (about 500 words)
  • Do not include any treatment information or names of medicines or companies
  • Do not include any profanity or indecent or inappropriate language, whether in text or in an image
  • Do not embed any links in your profile

Adverse Events

CAPS Connects Us is not the place to report adverse events. If you wish to report a suspected adverse reaction to a Novartis product, click here.

Terms of Use

We ask that all community members comply with our Terms of Use. To review them, click here.

Privacy Standards

CAPS Connects Us has a very strict NO SPAM policy, which means that we will not ever share, sell, trade, or give away any e-mail address you enter without your permission. For more information about our Privacy Policy, please visit our Privacy Policy.